ATL Saver Cell

ATL Saver Cell


  • FIA / FT3-1999 Approved
  • 20-170 Litre Capacity Cells
  • World Leading ATL Technology
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    Cell Capacity:  

    Part Number:  SA-AA-030

    ATL Saver Cell fuel tank range. FIA / FT3-1999 approved fuel cells, constructed from a unique, tough plastic alloy (FIA Homologation No. ATL-565) in a wide range of sizes from 20 litres through to 170 litres.

    Please note:

    All Saver Cells experience some swelling when subjected to fuels (typically 2-4% linear). Please allow 2 weeks for Saver Cell bladder dimensions to stabilise.

    To comply with FIA regulations, Saver Cells must be installed within an aluminium container. Please take into account the dimensions of the aluminium container and not the Saver Cell when checking chassis fitment. The correct ATL aluminium containers with quick release lids are listed for each of these fuel cells, click on the 'Technical Info' tab above for all the dimensions. The fuel filler necks can be removed and replaced with an alternative to allow quick refuelling options.

    ATL Saver Cells are supplied with (except the 20 litre model):

    1 x 6 x10" Standard Saver Cell Top Plate

    2 x -06 JIC 'Duck-Foot' fuel pick-ups, with sock filters

    1 x -06 JIC Rollover Vent Valve

    1 x 2.25" Diameter Non-Return Filler Neck

    1 x ATL Viton non-return Flapper Valve

    Internal Safety Foam Baffling

    Pre-marked for VDO Fuel Lever Sender (available separately)

    The ATL 20 Litre Saver Cell Features the Following Attributes:

    1 x 4 x 6" Saver Cell Top Plate

    1 x -06 JIC 'Duck-Foot' fuel pick-ups, with sock filters

    1 x -06 JIC Rollover Vent Valve

    1 x 2.25" Diameter Filler Neck, with Safety Valve & Cap


    When using Saver Cells with Fuel Injected engines, always fit one of the following:

    Internal trap-door collector
    External Swirl Pot

    For more information on ATL in-tank installations, please see our document on upgrading your Saver Cell - CLICK HERE

  • FIA / FT3-1999 Approved
  • 20-170 Litre Capacity Cells
  • World Leading ATL Technology

  • Cell Capacity Part No. Cell Size (LxWxH) Container Size (LxWxH)
    20 Litres SA-AA-030 330 x 330 x 230mm 350 x 350 x 240mm
    30 Litres SA-AA-040 505 x 305 x 224mm 534 x 326 x 240mm
    40 Litres SA-AA-050 602 x 312 x 254mm 638 x 327 x 270mm
    45 Litres SA-AA-060 502 x 437 x 234mm 531 x 464 x 250mm
    60 Litres SA-AA-070 602 x 437 x 234mm 633 x 461 x 250mm
    80 Litres (a) SA-AA-080 640 x 640 x 210mm 673 x 673 x 225mm
    80 Litres (b) SA-AA-090 620 x 415 x 338mm 658 x 440 x 355mm
    80 Litres (c) SA-AA-100 843 x 435 x 235mm 881 x 459 x 250mm
    100 Litres (a) SA-AA-110 740 x 425 x 350mm 777 x 461 x 375mm
    100 Litres (b) SA-AA-120 635 x 430 x 430mm 661 x 443 x 445mm
    120 Litres (a) SA-AA-130 640 x 640 x 338mm 671 x 671 x 340mm
    120 Litres (b) SA-AA-140 641 x 465 x 420mm 671 x 496 x 445mm
    120 Litres (c) SA-AA-150 845 x 437 x 361mm 888 x 462 x 377mm
    120 Litres (d) SA-AA-160 630 x 416 x 535mm 646 x 441 x 560mm
    170 Litres SA-AA-170 640 x 640 x 425mm 671 x 671 x 445mm

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