AiM Solo 2 DL GPS Car Lap Timer with ECU Input

AiM Solo 2 DL GPS Car Lap Timer with ECU Input


  • Lap Timer & Data Logger System
  • Automatic Calculations via GPS
  • Shows Static & Rolling Lap Times
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    Part Number:  SOLO2-K2

    AiM Solo 2 DL GPS lap timer. The new AiM Solo 2 DL track day racing lap timer receives the data from two satellites constellations, GPS and Glonass, this is a huge step forward and this latest model is unbelievably faster and more precise than the previous version. The power ON requires only a few seconds and the lap times are calculated within a maximum tolerance of 2/100th's of a second.

    In racing mode, the AiM Solo 2 DL track day racing lap timer can manage many different types of race format, speed events on a closed circuit venue, point to point type events, regularity, performance testing, like 0-100 km/h acceleration runs etc. In each of these configurations, Solo 2 gives you the correct information during the test and powerful data review immediately after each session.

    One of the most important features of the AiM Solo 2 DL, is to show your Lap Time. At power up, the Solo 2 DL recognises the circuit you are at (from it's own internal database) and the start / finish line co-ordinates to form the the base for precise lap time calculation.

    Wi-Fi connection is easy and fast without connectors or cables. Connecting to your PC is easy and is simply the best way to configure your Solo 2 DL, to manage the track database and to download the data onto your computer for further analysis. With the AiM Solo 2 DL model you can even have an online view of the most important parameters of your Engine.

    Very soon you will be able to upload software to enable you to use your Apple iPhone for quick and comfortable data analysis, for managing the track database, adding one in the event that the track is not already in your database. AiM Solo 2 DL track day racing lap timer realises it and enters into the auto learning mode, automatically understands the characteristics of the track and gives the lap time anyway.

    There are more than 1,000 protocols for over 1,000 ECU’s in the database, this allows the new Solo 2 DL to easily connect to your Engine Control Unit and provide a large amount of information with just a single cable. Where your ECU protocol is not in the database, an 'ECU Driver Builder' is always available in the Race Studio 3 configuration software, which you will be able to create a protocol by yourself.

    Coil RPM input, the AiM Solo 2 DL now features a digital input allowing it to log RPM, either from square wave signals (8-50 V each signal) or pulse signals (150-450 V) from the ignition coil trigger, primary circuit. Why not complete your installation with the addition of the AiM SmartyCam HD! The perfect connection, get all the data from your ECU, merge them with the GPS information from the Solo 2 DL and transmit everything to the SmartyCam HD, that will show them in graphical overlay in the video.

    AiM Solo 2 GPS Laptimer shows different lap time modes, fully configurable:

    • Data recall
    • Rolling lap time
    • Static lap time
    • Predictive lap time, calculated during a current lap
    • Predictive lap time, calculated as difference between the above and the best lap
    • Best lap

    Data Download To Your PC
    You can at any time recall and review the recorded data, in a very simple way. Connecting Solo 2 DL to your PC, data can be analysed and shown in tables, graphs and histograms using the powerful Race Studio 3 Professional software, which comes with the product.

    In the Kit:

    • AiM Solo 2 DL GPS Lap Timer
    • AiM Car Lighter Socket Power Cable
    • AiM Mains AC Adaptor Power Cable
    • Mounting Bracket with Screws
    • AiM User Manual and AiM Sticker
    • Race Studio 3 Software Installation CD
  • Lap Timer & Data Logger System
  • Automatic Calculations via GPS
  • Shows Static and Rolling Lap Times
  • Records Speed, Acceleration, Braking

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