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MSAR Stopwatch
StopwatchTime/calendar display; hours, minutes, seconds, month, dateand day of w...
MSAR Master Switch
FIA Master SwitchResister IncludedSticker IncludedRemovable Key Included6 Poles ...
MSAR Battery Saver and Conditioner
Battery Accessories
Save A Battery is the most versatile battery charging device on the market. With...
MSAR Battery Charger and Conditioner
Battery Accessories
Save A Battery is the most versatile battery charging device on the market. With...
MSAR Tetracan Petrol Container 5ltr
Fuel Accessories
Tetracan Petrol Container 5ltr CarPlan Fuel Cans come from the No.1 fuel can man...
MSAR Lotus Elise S1 Harness Bar (wrap around fitting)
Harness Bars
Made of 10 gauge, Black powder coated 1.5" steel tube The harness bar is sui...
MSAR VX220 Harness Bar (wrap around fitting)
Harness Bars
This bar is specially made for the VX220. Made of 10 gauge, Black powder coat...
MSAR Lotus Elise S2 Enhanced Harness Bar (wrap around fitting)
Harness Bars
Made of 10 gauge, Black powder coated 1.5" steel tube The harness bar is sui...
MSAR Battery Powered Intercom - FF
Battery Powered Intercom - TOORAFull Face to Full Face (Helmet headsets)Battery ...
MSAR Race Number Packs
Pack comprise 6 of each number and 9 of the number 1. There are 63 pieces overal...
MSAR Number Backgrounds
  White Circular - 450mm dia White Rectangular - 600x330mm ...
MSAR Novice Cross
A Novice Cross must be displayed during a drivers first year of racing or until ...
MSAR Scrutineer Set
A4 size sheet with pre cut stickers such as Battery Off, Extinguisher pull, To...
MSAR Photoluminescent GLOW IN THE DARK Tape 20mmx10m
Thie self-adhesive Photoluminescent (glow in the dark) tape, absorbs and stores ...
MSAR MSAR HD Seat Foam Bag
An extra heavy duty clear plastic bag ideal for making 2 part foam seats. Extra...
MSAR 2 Part Expanding Foam Seat kit
Seat Accessories
This 2 part foam kit comprises 1kg of part A and 1kg of part B expanding foam. I...
MSAR Hand Crimp Tool CT650H
Battery Accessories
This HD Mechanical Indent hand Crimp Tool is ideal for battery terminals and And...
MSAR Anderson Jack Connectors
Battery Accessories
Jack Plugs Anderson Plugs are commonly used to connect an auxiliary or slave...
MSAR Anderson Weatherproof End Cap
Battery Accessories
End Cap - Red Rubber This handy rubber end cap can be used to protect the SB175...
MSAR Anderson Replacement Handles
Battery Accessories
Anderson Replacement Handles The Standard handle fits the 175 amp plug....
MSAR Anderson Waterproof Sleeve
Battery Accessories
 Anderson Waterproof Sleeve These PVC moulded sleeves offer dust and mois...
MSAR Universal Roll Cage Padding
Cage Padding
Universal protective padding to fit all normal roll cage tubing. The padding fea...
MSAR Individual Race Fluoro Yellow Race Numbers
Designed for use on the windows of competition vehicles these high quality, fade...
MSAR S111 Harness Hardware - Lotus Elise / Exige / 340R
Harness Hardware
The S111HH is a specially developed hardware kit to use with the Schroth PROFI-I...
MSAR White Chin Spoiler to Suit Arai GP5 and GP6
Helmet Visors and Accessories
White Chin Spoiler to Suit Arai GP5 and GP6 helmets...
MSAR Arai fit White Rear Spoiler for Arai GP6, SK6, GP5
Helmet Visors and Accessories
White Rear Spoiler to suit Arai GP series helmets Comes complete with adhesiv...
MSAR UltraClamp Kit Mount
Cameras and Dataloggers
UltraClamp Kit Mount The UltraClamp Kit is a combination of the UltraClamp and t...
MSAR UK Circuit Guide
Circuit Guides
A fully revised and updated version of UK Circuit Guide, containing comprehensiv...
MSAR Euro Circuit Guide
Circuit Guides
CIRCUITS FEATURED :Belgium : Spa-Francorchamps, ZolderFrance : Croix-en Ternois,...
MSAR GT85 400ml Lubricating Spray
GT85 is revolutionary general purpose cleaner, lubricant and anti corrosion spra...
MSAR Additional Shipping
Additional Shipping Charge...
MSAR Lightweight anodised aluminium seat mounts
Seat Accessories
Universal lightweight anodised aluminium seat mounts.These mounts have primarily...
MSAR Individual Race Numbers
Individual numbers in Black. Available in 9" or 11" sizes in Standard style....
MSAR Utility Tape 48mm x 50m
Utility Duct TapeA premium economy general & professional use duct tape. Des...
MSAR Gaf Tape Hi-Tak 50mm x 50m
High-Tak Gaffer TapeOffers one of the strongest adhesives in our range. Ideal fo...
MSAR Pro Tape Fluo 48mm x 25yds
Fluorescent Gaffer / Cloth TapeTruly one of the strongest and most visible Gaffe...
MSAR Silicone Fusing Tape 24mmx3.5m
Kraken Silicone Repair Tape The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Repai...
MSAR Anti Slip Tape - Black 50mmx18m
Heavy Duty Anti Slip Tape (High Grab) Another level of Grip!...
MSAR Gift Certificate
This is a £1 gift certificate...
MSAR Arm restraints
Harness Accessories
Arm restraints are a must in certain motorsporting disciplines, specifically i...
MSAR Elise Seat Grommets - 3 piece
Other Harness Accesories
* THIS SET INCLUDES CROTCH STRAP GROMMET * A mandatory modification for stock...
MSAR Elise Seat Grommets - 2 piece
Other Harness Accesories
A mandatory modification for stock Elise seats with harnesses. "A harness bel...


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