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MSAR Lightweight anodised aluminium seat mounts

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MSAR Lightweight anodised aluminium seat mounts Features (EVO M2)

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Universal lightweight anodised aluminium seat mounts.

These mounts have primarily been designed by MSAR for side mounted seats to fit into a Lotus Elise/Exige but they will also work in a variety of different kit cars and other vehicles.

They work perfectly with the MOG EVO1H seat and the NEW Tillett B6F when installing in a Lotus as they are specially drilled to be a direct fit into Elise and Exige S1 cars.

With a variety of mounting slots to allow the widest range of adjustments. Designed to accept harness eye bolts or brackets.

More than 1kg lighter than the steel mounts.

Black anodised 5mm aluminium.

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