Club Benefits, Details, Terms & Conditions

New for 2019, we've introduced our brand new MSAR Club! It's our way of recognising and rewarding you, for your Loyalty to our company and your desire to remain in contact with us for marketing, publicity and promotional purposes. We will reward our Club Members with 1 MSAR Loyalty Point for every whole £1 spent (nett of VAT) on products purchased through the website. 

During the course of the year we will also offer MSAR Points bonuses to Club members, with extra points available on products, a boost in points with certain levels of spend and special events with extra points available. These will only be visible and offered to Club members. 

Club Members will also receive occasional Newsletters and Promotions from us, we hope these will be useful, helpful, interesting and valuable to you. If however you with not to receive them and wish to leave the MSAR Club, at anytime you can 'Unsubscribe', as is your right, although we'd be sad to see you go!

You can also go into your account on the website (when signed in) via the little 'Person' icon in the top right hand corner of the website, down at the bottom of the page, bottom left, you can un-tick the box, telling us you no longer wish any contact from us and subsequently also leaving the MSAR Club.

Please note that upon 'Unsubscribing' in a newsletter or communication or 'Un-ticking' the box within your account page, any Loyalty Points that have been allocated to you, will be forfeited. Should you decide to 're-join' the MSAR Club and 'Re-Tick' the box on your account page, you're MSAR Loyalty Points will recommence from the completion of your next purchase from fresh.

MSAR Loyalty points are only allocated on orders completed through the website.

MSAR Points are awarded instantly, when a current order is completed our end and the goods dispatched. These points are then available to MSAR Club Members, to reduce your next basket cost total.

Your MSAR points total can be viewed within your shopping basket, you have to be logged into your account on the website. You need to have an item in your basket (even if you don't want to buy it), so just add an item temporarily to enable the Loyalty Points total line to be displayed.

To join our new MSAR Club there is one simple requirement and it all revolves around 'Ticking' the box to agree to receive notifications, newsletters and contact, when you create an account on our website! You don't need to buy anything to create an account, but during the process you will see a small 'tick box' at the bottom of the page where you enter your name and address details. So long as you leave this 'ticked' you will remain a member, you'll receive the benefits of the Club, be allocated MSAR Points on purchases and remain in contact with us at MSAR.

One final word, please rest assured we have no intention of bombarding you with e-mails and Newsletters, when they come to you, they like any other e-mail can simply be deleted should you not wish to read them and when we say you are agreeing to 'remain in contact' don't worry, we are not going to call you and promote anything or pester you to buy something, in fact if you ever receive a phone call you could be the lucky one, maybe a prize winner or something!!

If you have any questions regarding anything above please get in touch, we're here to discuss anything with you anytime.


Many thanks...