Lifeline Zero 3620 Fire Marshal Fire Extinguisher Systems

Lifeline Zero 3620 Fire Marshal Fire Extinguisher Systems
 Lifeline Zero 3620 Fire Marshal Fire Extinguisher SystemsLifeline Zero 3620 Fire Marshal Fire Extinguisher Systems 


  • FIA 8865-2015 Approved
  • Suitable For Petrol, Diesel & E85 Fuels
  • Uses 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Gas Fire Suppressant
  • Our Price:  £1,350.00(Exc. 20% VAT)(£1,620.00 Inc. VAT)

    Part Number:  105-001-009

    Lifeline Zero 3620 Fire Marshal fire extinguisher systems. Conceived following the success of the original Lifeline Zero 3620 fire suppression system, these new Zero 3620 Firemarshal systems have been designed to meet the increased demand as more categories have made the FIA 8865 suppression standard mandatory. FIA 8865 is mandatory in WRC from 2016, R5, S2000 and T1 vehicles since 2017 and now mandatory in FIA GT categories from 2018.

    Lifeline Zero 3620 Firemarshal offers exceptional performance but at a significant cost reduction, compared with the current generation of FIA 8865 approved systems. The Zero 3620 Firemarshal meets the FIA 8865 standard and has been tested and developed for use with unleaded petrol, diesel and E85 fuels.

    The single aluminium cylinder discharges into both the engine bay and cockpit. It is activated by the Zero 3620 intelligent control box, which continually monitors the systems integrity and internal battery, advising of any potential issues. The system is plumbed to the cockpit and engine bay using the highest quality components included in the kit.

    The engine side discharges 1.0kg of 3M Novec suppressant through a high discharge outlet to quickly knock down the fire, which is then supplemented by 2 further coolant outlets, utilising Lifeline’s patented* dual discharge technology. The system also has the added benefit to allow 2 further coolant outlets to be fitted should there be multiple areas in the engine bay that need to be cooled down, helping to prevent re-ignition.

    The cockpit side of the system discharges 3.0Kg of 3M Novec suppressant, through 2 cloud burst outlet nozzles, developed specifically to disperse the suppressant efficiently throughout the entire cockpit, quickly knocking down the fire.

    FIA 8865-2015 Approved

  • FIA 8865-2015 Approved
  • Suitable For Petrol, Diesel & E85 Fuels
  • Uses 3M Novec 1230 Gas Fire Suppressant
  • Includes Latest FIA 'Anti-Torpedo' Brackets
  • Mandatory in WRC, R5, S2000, T1 and FIA GT 2018on
  • Very Fast Fire Knock Down and Fire Out Times
  • Bi-Annual Servicing by Lifeline Agents Only
  • Contact Us at MSAR to Arrange Your Service

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