Racelogic VBOX HD Lite Camera
Racelogic VBOX HD Lite Camera

Racelogic VBOX HD Lite Camera

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The VBOX HD Lite is a custom all-in-one camera designed for motorsport use. If you've tried using other small sports cameras, you'll know they're not ideally suited for the racing environment and often you end up losing all your valuable footage.

The VBOX HD Lite has been designed to have a minimum aerodynamic impact, with a separate power source, separate from the camera, allowing it to be permanently powered.

2 Models available:

  • Road - Supplied with a windscreen suction mount and a pre-wired 12v aux plug
  • Race - Supplied with a universal roll cage camera mount, power cable unterminated
  • The system starts to record video and data when the car is moving, saving you memory space and time. Data (GPS and CAN) is recorded alongside the video, allowing analysis in the easy-to-use VBOX Circuit Tools software, which is one of the best ways to improve your lap times.

    VBOX HD Lite is an all-in-one video data logging system for motorsport that records 1080p HD video with fully synchronised GNSS data. HD Lite features RACELOGIC’s reliable 'only when moving' log strategy, enabling the device to start and stop logging on its own based on vehicle movement, and prevents the microSD card filling up with static video in the paddock.

    GNSS data and CAN Bus data is recorded with the video, allowing in depth analysis via our intuitive Circuit Tools data analysis software, enabling the driver to quickly identify where time is being lost and where time can be gained around a circuit. The VBOX HD Lite is also compatible with our predictive lap timing displays which show live Delta time, enabling the driver to improve whilst on track.

    Predictive Lap Timing gives you an invaluable insight into how your current lap time compares with your fastest lap time. To achieve our unrivalled accuracy, two different laps are compared using GPS position rather than distance, 10 or 20 times a second. This means lap times stay accurate, even if the driver takes a different line each lap.

    The VBOX OLED display is available as an accessory or as part of a Video VBOX package.

    Miniature video data logging system for Motorsport that records 1080p HD video with fully synchronised GNSS data

  • Compact, water-resistant and aerodynamic
  • 1920 x 1080p 30 fps video
  • 10 Hz GNSS data recording
  • 8 CAN input channels
  • Logs to micro SD card
    VBOX HD Lite is supplied with a Swivel Neck Suction Mount (RLACS287) for mounting on to a vehicle windscreen. It is attached to the 1/4” UNC screw thread fastener on the underside of the unit. If you want to use other methods to mount the VBOX unit, please see the list of compatible products and accessories.

    Connect the antenna to the VBOX HD Lite and insert the SD card.

    Connect the Wi-Fi dongle to use the VBOX HD Lite Preview App to adjust the camera settings.

    VBOX HD Lite is powered by the supplied cigar Lighter power supply cable (RLCAB165). Plug it in the vehicle's 12 V cigar power socket and connect it to either of the Hirose connectors at the rear of the unit. The device will boot up automatically as soon as the power supply is connected.

    On boot-up, you will hear three beeps in quick succession followed by a single beep. The LED will briefly flash red, then show solid white throughout the boot-up procedure. When the LED is solid green, the device is booted up and ready to record.


    REAR          SIDE
    2 x 6-pin Hirose connectors for power and CAN / Serial Micro USB B Connector (currently not used)
    GNSS Antenna Micro HDMI for video preview via the VBOX HD Lite Preview app using the supplied Wi-Fi dongle
      MicroSD card slot


    INPUTS          OUTPUTS
    Camera Micro SD Card
    Resolution: 1920 x 1080p at 30 frames/second Fast 32 GB card supplied with device
    Adjustable FOV: 170°, 140° (Fast SD card required – up to 64 GB supported)
    RS232 Micro HDMI - Wi-Fi
    For communication with OLED predictive lap timing display For camera setup/preview via the HD Lite preview app
    CAN BUS Micro USB-B
    Users can log up to 8 CAN messages Currently not used

    Correct placement of the GNSS antenna is crucial to the quality of the data recorded by your VBOX HD Lite.

    To get the best possible results, you should place the GNSS antenna in the centre of a metal roof. Do not mount the antenna close to the edges of the roof as reflected signals may interfere with your satellite signal.

    • Compact and weatherproof design
    • 1920 x 1080p at 30fps
    • 10 Hz GNSS data recording
    • Internal and external GNSS antenna
    • Permanent vehicle power feed, no batteries
    • Fully synchronised video and GNSS data
    • microSD card
    • Reliable 'Record only when moving' logging strategy - no need to press a button to record
    • Wi-Fi preview
    • Mounting options via 1/4" UNC
    • Wide dynamic range - balanced lighting through a windscreen
    • CAN logging - up to 8 messages
    • Compatible with OLED predictive lap timing display for live delta time
    • Compatible with Circuit Tools application for post analysis to quickly identify where and how lap times can be improved
    • Synchronised video and GNSS data
    • Lifetime technical support
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