Schroth Racing - Harnesses, HANS Devices & Accessories

MSAR has a long relationship with Schroth and are one of very few UK Importers and Distributors for the Schroth Motorsport range of products. Call us to discuss your race harness requirements, we know which is best for you, your vehicle and the type of motorsport you are partaking in! We hold large stocks of Schroth harnesses, HANS devices and associated accessories.

MSAR are Official Schroth Agents, call us now for advise on any HANS or Safety Harness requirements on 0208 655 7877.

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Schroth Pro 10 HANS Device

Schroth Pro 10 HANS Device£850.88   £840.00

Schroth 20 Pro HANS Device

Schroth 20 Pro HANS DeviceFrom:  £750.00

Schroth Enduro 6pt Harness

Schroth Enduro 6pt HarnessFrom:  £327.55

Schroth Window Nets

Schroth Window NetsFrom:  £34.95

Schroth B23A Bracket

Schroth B23A Bracket£2.95

Schroth Roll Cage Padding

Schroth Roll Cage Padding£30.00

Schroth Tow Straps

Schroth Tow Straps£16.87

Schroth 7/16'' OEM Harness Bolts

Schroth 7/16" OEM Harness BoltsFrom:  £1.00

Schroth Clubman 2x2 Harness

Schroth Clubman 2x2 Harness£228.40

Schroth Clubman 3x2 Harness

Schroth Clubman 3x2 Harness£216.52

Schroth Enduro 2x2 Harness

Schroth Enduro 2x2 Harness£378.26

Schroth Enduro 3x2 Harness

Schroth Enduro 3x2 Harness£378.26

Schroth Flexi 2x2 Harness

Schroth Flexi 2x2 Harness£291.30

Schroth Formula 2x2 Harness

Schroth Formula 2x2 Harness£286.96

Schroth Pro 30 HANS Device

Schroth Pro 30 HANS Device£873.27   £705.00

Schroth Pro 40 HANS Device

Schroth Pro 40 HANS Device£1,119.56

Schroth Profi 2x2 Harness

Schroth Profi 2x2 Harness£261.75

Schroth Profi 3x2 Harness

Schroth Profi 3x2 Harness£261.75

Schroth Profi 3x3 Harness

Schroth Profi 3x3 Harness£282.61


Page 1 of 1:    74 Items