Schroth B23A Harness Clip Kit

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Schroth B23A Fitting Kit. This simple kit bolts into the cars floorpan or harness bolt mounting point and allows a harness which usually clips onto an eye bolt, clip onto this bracket. Like the 01323 kit, the bracket is designed to be able to be bent to the desired angle. These pieces are commonly used in Porsche applications where space for a standard type eye bolt is insufficient. This bracket can be bolted to the car, then bent so that a snap-in type harness can be used to attach to the bracket. We use these brackets in many applications where stock mounting locations do not leave sufficient space or if the thread pitch is different from the eye bolts supplied.

Priced as a Kit

  • Designed to be Bent as Required
  • For Use where an Eye Bolt won't Fit
  • Meets FiA and MSA Requirements
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