Rain-X Rain Repellent 200ml

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  • Handy Sized 200ml Squeezy Bottle
  • Designed for Safer Driving in the Rain
  • Water Literally Flies off the Screen

Rain-X Rain Repellant, a classic and proven product, Rain-X significantly improves visibility in wet or misty weather. Repels rain by forcing it to bead and disperse in the vehicles own airflow. Supplied in a 200ml bottle.

Can be used on screens, visor and goggles. An absolute essential for European conditions

What the Experts Say

Rain-X has revamped the formula for it's well-known Rain Repellent to make it last longer and shift even more water. The manufacturer has improved the performance of its water-shifter by adding new compounds to the mix. These extend the durability of the product on the windscreen and create a super-repellent coating.

Auto Express

We’ve all been there: that moment when you realise you’re squinting just to see through the wall of rain that has turned your windscreen into a water feature. Rain-X is a simple but effective solution to this. Considering how cheap and easy to use it is, Rain-X is definitely worthwhile. When you can get improved visibility for the price of an air freshener, you really have no excuse.


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