Stilo DG-30 Digital Intercom System - GSM
Stilo DG-30 Digital Intercom System - GSM

Stilo DG-30 Digital Intercom System - GSM

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Stilo DG-30 digital intercom system, as used by Volkswagen for both their recent World Rally Championship victories. The DG-30 offers pre-programmed digital noise cancelling technology, for dramatically improved clarity and performance. With unmatched adjustability, the DG-30 has different voice audio settings via the 'EQ' button, with various levels of digital noise cancelling to suit different noise level pattern for different types of cars. The active digital noise cancelling measures the noise levels coming into the intercom every 5 milliseconds and adjusts the sound relative to the cancelling option selected. The system then delivers a boosted co-driver voice with dramatically lowered surround sound into the drivers helmet.

The system is made up with 3 main components, the main control panel, with all it's function controls within easy reach of the driver and or co-driver, secondly the main box, which is ideally located somewhere accesible, but out of the way. This contains a built-in SIM card slot and has much simplified telephony operation using the memory of your SIM card with pre-set speed dials. Finally there's the external aerial, which when mounted, will further improve the telephone signal.

The DG-30 can be connected to most common radios with appropriate cables, as well as a camera output and the system has an emergency analogue intercom capability should the digital system fail. The system is designed to be wired into the vehicles 12v system and features stage and road modes, with the telephone and radio functions being inactive in the stage mode.

The DG-30 system is supplied as above with the three main components pre-wired and included. The system cannot be used/operated however without the YB0600 DG-30 Intercom Helmet Connection wiring kit and the YB0301 Amplifier Power Supply wiring kit (which includes camera and radio connections). These can be added via the tick boxes above.

Amplifier Only

  • Includes Multiple Noise Patterns
  • Choice of the VW World Rally Team
  • Digital Intercom Amplifier System
  • Connect via Telephone through your Helmet
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