Stilo DG WL-10 Wireless Amplifier

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The Stilo DG WL-10 Wireless Intercom is the next step in rally intercom technology, which as the name implies, provides completely wireless connections with the crew's helmets. Stilo claim it's based on the world's ONLY active digital noise-cancelling intercom, their Stilo DG-10. Following development and improvements, the new DG WL-10 wireless amplifier can claim that it's the ultimate in motorsport communications and is the WORLDS first wireless intercom for rallying.

The DG WL-10 intercom box is purchased separately, with the helmet keys purchased for each compatible helmet being used individually. Whilst the DG WL-10 is designed to be hardwired, being powered from the car's 12 volt system, the biggest change is that there are no longer cables connecting it to each helmet. This technology has been in development for over 12 months and the design and functionality have been fine-tuned, ensuring the very best noise-cancelling intercom on the market.

The Stilo DG WL-10 Wireless intercom now provides both crew members the benefits of digital active noise cancelling, something only the driver benefitted from with the original DG-10 amplifier. Pressing the DIG buttons allow each crew member to adjust the noise-cancelling to a level that is best for them, with four different levels to suit all cars, with various sound levels. Individual volume controls allow each crew to adjust the sound levels to best suit themselves.

The helmet logos on the top of the intercom face, allow you to add certain wireless keys and also see if they are connected. There are road and stage modes functions in the system, and activating road mode allows the crew to receive telephone calls through the intercoms Bluetooth connection with the phone, with calls being answerable by depressing the green button in the centre of the intercoms panel.

  • Use with either Stilo's Venti WRC and ST5 R WL helmet models
  • Works with Stilo's 'WL' key, plugs into your helmet's comms port
  • Wireless connections - Total freedom of movement, no plugging in!
  • 2 RCA connectors allow for external radio and camera connections
  • Digital active noise cancelling filters ensure superb sound clarity

When a helmet key is connected to the intercom, it allows connection up to 10m away, this allows the crew to exit the car with their helmets on and still talk to each other. An additional extra is a wireless headset for use on-road sections. In addition, there is one output for the crew's communications to a camera system when connected in stage mode, there is also an input for a radio interface, which is an additional kit if desired, to allow communication with a team's radio, this only works when connected in road mode. In stage mode. the telephone and radio functions cannot be heard through the intercom.

The Wireless helmet keys and headsets have their own batteries, which when fully charged have enough power to allow up to 5 hours of continuous talk time. These items are recharged via USB. These keys have been designed to plug directly into the new 2021 onwards Stilo Venti open face and ST5 R WL open peak helmets. The amplifier is powered by a directly connected 12v supply from the vehicle.

  • Cable Free Wireless Helmet to Amplifier Communications
  • Active Digital Noise Cancelling for Both Helmets
  • Individual Volume Controls, 4 Noise Cancelling Levels
  • Use with the NEW Venti and ST5 R WL Race Helmets
  • Bluetooth Telephone Connection in Road Mode
  • Stilo WL Helmet Keys Purchased Separately
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