FEV 2.5kg N-TEC 3M Novec 1230 Gas Hand Held Extinguisher

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FEV 2.5kg 3M Novec 1230 gas hand held fire extinguisher, available with the standard type wire bracket or moulded mounting cradle, with quick release strap(s) and are fitted with a stainless steel firing nozzle. These hand helds are designed for track day and personal use. Specifically for use on class A, B and C type fires, including low voltage electrics. The N-TEC gas contains no water, which ensures no liquid remains within the vehicle should it be deployed, making it much safer for electrics, as well as leaving no residual corrosion risk within the bodyshell. All units have a 2 year servicing cycle and we recommend using the lagest capacity as possible. MSA approved for use in motorsport. Dimensions: 400mm long x 105 width x 115mm depth.

MSA Approved

  • 2.5kg Capacity Fire Extinguisher
  • Bracket or Cradle with Retention Straps
  • FEV 3M Novec 1230 Gas Fire Extinguishant
  • Contact Us at MSAR to Arrange Servicing
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