Lifeline AFFF Hand Held Fire Extinguisher 2.4 Ltr

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Lifeline 1.75 litre AFFF hand held fire extinguisher. For use on class A, B and C fires including low voltage electrics. Lifeline hand held extinguishers are supplied complete with a bracket and quick release strap for easy access. All units have a 2 year servicing cycle. This is a hand held extinguisher which is MSA approved for international rallying, sprints or hillclimbs and pre 31st Dec 1960 historic racing. Dimensions: 492mm long x 130mm diameter.

FiA & MSA Approved

  • 2.40 Litre Capacity Fire Extinguisher
  • FiA Approved for International Rallying
  • With Mount Bracket and Retention Strap
  • Must be Serviced by a Lifeline Agent
  • Lifeline AFFF Foam Type Extinguishant
  • Contact Us at MSAR to Arrange Servicing
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