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Bell Replacement Visor For 7-Series Helmets HP7 - RS7 - RS7K

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Bell Replacement Visor For 7-Series Helmets HP7 - RS7 - RS7K Features

Visors to fit Bell 7-Series helmets
Double Screen Anti Fog
Available in a range of colours including mirrored
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Bell Replacement Visors for the 7 series range of helmets. Using Bells unique DSAF (double screen anti fog) technology, these visors offer the best anti fog properties on the market. Available in a range of colours, including mirrored, meaning that you can have the correct visor whatever the conditions. Shell & shield design have been optimized by moving the shield pivot points to a lower position, conferring cleaner sides, benefiting to aerodynamic behavior, energy absorbing capacities and acoustic comfort. Optical grade injected Double Screen Anti Fog shield, with variable thickness exceeding 5mm in the field of vision, setting up new standards in vision quality and fog control. Improved shield sealing thanks to a new specific hollow synthetic rubber gasket ensuring that no air and mainly no water in wet conditions can penetrate into the helmet through the eyeport. Excellent Anti Fog Properties

Different Tints/Colours Suitable for Various Conditions:
Dark Smoke
Blue Mirror
Green Mirror
Red Mirror
Gold Mirror
Silver Mirror
Red MultiLayer
Blue MultiLayer

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