Stilo ST5 FN Carbon Helmet
Stilo ST5 FN Carbon Helmet
Stilo ST5 FN Carbon Helmet
Stilo ST5 FN Carbon Helmet

Stilo ST5 FN Carbon Helmet

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Stilo ST5 FN Carbon helmet, finished in natural carbon fibre. The Stilo ST5 range has been developed further and features a new more compact shell, which is lighter and smaller, yet through clever design and the use of the latest materials, can accommodate larger head sizes. The new shell is more aerodynamic, even better ventilation, a visor that lifts fully out of the line of sight, with a new locking clasp that can be used single handed, the Stilo ST5 really does set the benchmark with competitors. The shell is manufactured in carbon fibre and Kevlar materials, then moulded and pressure cured in an Autoclave. The helmet is lined with an EPS (expandable polystyrene) material and finished with a Nomex lining. The resultant lightweight helmet meets all the most stringent safety standards, weighing between 1320g to 1430g, across the size range.

The Stilo ST5 FN Carbon helmet comes without any intercoms or electronics fitted at all, the moulded ports or socket points are omitted for a sleek and slimline helmet shell design for the best aerodynamics in an open top racing car. Supplied with a clear visor and HANS posts an option as required. This model can also be fitted with a sun peak to convert it into an open peak GT style helmet for closed cockpit use. The helmet can be fitted with many optional components, these include ear muffs, microphone mouthpiece, top air system, air intakes, front and rear spoilers, lots of visors, tear offs and frontal drinks system.

As the Stilo ST5 FN Carbon isn't fitted with any electronics or side ports, if you intend using intercom ear plugs and a built-in microphone, we'd suggest you opt for the ST5F Carbon model as a better equipped alternative.

Snell SA2020 & FIA 8859-2015 Approved

  • Snell SA2020 & FIA 8859-2015 Approved
  • Strong Rigid Helmet Shell in Carbon Kevlar
  • Best Aerodynamics for Open Top Car Racing
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