Race Boots -  FIA Approved Fireproof Footwear

Race and Rally boots feature a fire resistant lining, usually made from Nomex or Aramid fibres. Wearing race boots isn't just for their sheer good looks! They are usually slim in their construction, perfect for operating the pedals, offering great feedback through the feet, along with grippy soles, which also don't try to melt if you stand in some fuel or oil in the pits!

At MSAR we stock lots of racing boots and shoes, order online and we'll ship them to you anywhere in the world! Official stockists for all the big brands, visit our 'London Motorsport Showroom', come and see for yourself! To arrange a fitting, call us on 0208 655 7877.

If there are any racing boots you can't find, let us know, even if there's a brand we don't appear to sell, it doesn't mean we can't help you, 'contact us', we'll try our best to see you sorted!