Cartek Gear Indicator - OBD2
Cartek Gear Indicator - OBD2
Cartek Gear Indicator - OBD2

Cartek Gear Indicator - OBD2

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  • Integral Sequential Shift Lights
  • Displays Gears 1-7 Sequentially
  • For Internal or External Mounting

  • Cartek

    Cartek Gear Indicator, the latest dash mounted digital gear indicator from Cartek, now with gear change lights built in, another superb device to aid the driver to change gear at the optimum revs, for the best use of torque in the next gear. The selected gear is displayed with a large, multi-coloured, 7 segment numerical display, with the shift-light function displayed across the top with 8 multi-coloured LEDs. These LEDs create a display sequence, commencing at an engine speed prior to optimum and complete at precisely the optimum speed thereby giving the driver early indication to shift up before the rev limiter is reached or engine damage occurs. Not suitable for engines with older CDI Ignition systems. Suitable for use on all vehicles with an OBD2 port, no additional wiring required.


    • Configure the lower and upper RPM settings with or without the engine running.
    • Engine only needs to be revved to 50% of max RPM if setting up with engine running.
    • Manual input of RPM values can be done with the Push Button on the rear of the unit.
    • Plug directly into the OBD2 Port - works on all cars fitted with an OBD2 port.
    • Auto standby mode when engine is off - minimizes battery consumption if left plugged in.
    • Select from 6 LED Shift Light sequence display patterns with 7 gear indicator digit colours.
    • Configure day and night brightness of the LEDs
    • Gear detection through RPM + Road speed signals or via analogue signal input for sequential gearboxes
    • Fully sealed for open-cockpit cars and motorcycles.
    • Additional RPM filter setting available designed for Historic applications


    • Size:Height 62mm, Width 50mm, Depth 23mm
    • Weight:70g
    • Operational Voltage:7v - 18v
    • Operating Temperature:-10 -/+85C
    • Storage temperature:-40C -/+125C
    • Enclosure:PA 2200 Nylon fully potted. IP64 rated
    • Cable Length:70cm


    The Gear Indicator unit should be mounted securely on the dashboard where the display can be clearly seen by the driver. Mounting can be by two M3 screws from the underside or two M3 screws from the rear of the unit. Please view the last image for full dimensions.

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