OMP Platinum Collection 1.8kg Electrical Fire Extinguisher System

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OMP Platinum Collection 0.9 litre plumbed-in fire extinguisher system. An electrically operated, aluminium bottled, fire extinguisher system, the smallest of it's kind in the World. Designed for racing cars, FIA Technical list 16 approved (homologation number EX.036.11) for use in motorsport, ideal for lightweight cars with limited space. The kit includes all the necessary parts required for an FIA/MSA approved installation, with all parts available individually and servicing available here in the UK, please call or e-mail us to arrange your next service.

The system uses OMP's 'Ecolife™' extinguishant, an envirometally safe, aqueous (water) film forming foam or AFFF as it's better known these days. The extinguisher bottle measures 194mm in length (excluding firing head) with a 100mm diameter and the full system weighs just 1.8kg. It comes fully charged ready for installation. (*Awaiting our own full system images - see below for contents list)

Approved to FIA Technical List 16

Kit Contents List

  • 1 Hose diam. 8 mm (CD/324/8/N)
  • 1 Hose All. 5m diam. 8 mm (CD/323/N/8)
  • 1 Hose All. 3m diam. 6 mm (CD/323/N/6)
  • 2 Stickers (X/846)
  • 1 Control Box (CD/398)
  • 1 Reduction 6-8 (CD/399)
  • 1 Push Button (EA/467)
  • 6 Nozzles (CD/393)
  • 1 Wiring Harness (X/363/CAB/CAV)
  • 3 "T" connections diam. 8 mm (CD/392/N)
  • 2 90° connections diam. 8 mm (CD/391/N)
  • 1 90° connections diam. 6 mm (CD/391/N/6)
  • 2 3-way connections diam. 6 mm (CD/390/N)
  • 2 anti-torpedo tabs (CD/300-AT)

  • Features
  • Approved to FIA Technical List 16
  • Uses OMP Ecolife™ Fire Suppressant
  • Includes FIA 'Anti-Torpedo' Brackets

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