Joe Gibbs Driven XP1 5W-20 Synthetic Race Oil

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Joe Gibbs Driven

Joe Gibbs DRIVEN™ XP1 is a full synthetic SAE5W-20 racing engine oil.

Used by Joe Gibbs Racing in all their unrestricted NASCAR engines XP1 is recommended for engines with clearances under 0.0025" or applications that specify a 30 weight oil. Although it is rated as a SAE5W-20 it has a viscosity that makes it very close to a SAE5W-30 oil.

This is a full synthetic race oil and the anti-wear additive pack makes it unsuitable for road cars fitted with catalytic convertors. Sold in 1 US quart (0.946 Litre) containers.

DRIVEN™ by Joe Gibbs
Joe Gibbs Racing is a NASCAR race team, not an oil company. To compete and win they have to have the best. The engineers and engine builders at Joe Gibbs Racing have put in countless hours perfecting the oil to maximise horsepower and protect vital parts.

Developed by Mark Cronquist and the Joe Gibbs Racing Engine Department in conjunction with the global leader in oil technology, Joe Gibbs DRIVEN™ Racing Oil was created to meet the specific anti-wear requirements of their NASCAR engines that rev past 9,000 RPM and run in excess of 116°c.

Countless hours of dyno testing and thousands of miles of competition have been spent tweaking and perfecting the Joe Gibbs DRIVEN™ range, all to produce maximum horsepower and maximum durability without failure. That’s why they engineered their own oil formulation in 1999, specifically designed for race engines.

Priced per Litre

  • Designed to handle 500 Competition Miles
  • Withstands 9500rpm & 250+°F Temperatures
  • Methanol/High Octane Race Fuel Compatible
  • SAE5W-20 Fully Synthetic, can be Blended
  • V8 Engines with Clearances Under 0.0025"
  • Legends, Mini Sprint, Ford, Miata Engines
  • 1 US Quart (0.946 litres) Bottles

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