Cartek Dual Colour FIA Rain / Hazard Light
Cartek Dual Colour FIA Rain / Hazard Light
Cartek Dual Colour FIA Rain / Hazard Light
Cartek Dual Colour FIA Rain / Hazard Light

Cartek Dual Colour FIA Rain / Hazard Light

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Cartek Dual Colour FIA Approved rain light with switch. Cartek's rain lights were the first and only rain lights in the world that were made specifically designed to meet the FIA specification introduced in 2008, they passed the required FIA tests for light intensity, beam angle and heat resistance with flying colours!

Tested by BSi and homologated by the FIA in 2010 this light meets all requirements, including minimum size, light intensity, viewing angle, heat resistance and prolonged use reliability. The design has also been made robust to withstand the harsh environment of the race car whilst maintaining a small size and low weight.

Cartek are especially proud as they have managed to meet all the requirements in a unit which measures just 57mm X 90mm, weighs only 153g and draws less than 200mA at 12v. Further more this performance has been achieved with just 15 LED's by careful sourcing of ultra bright, wide-angle, multi-chip LED's from Japan.

Cartek realised that the full potential of Rain Lights was not being used. Instead of just being used for wet races the Rain Light could also be used as a hazard warning device to alert other drivers in stationary or slow-moving vehicles and therefore help prevent rear-end type crashes. The Dual Coloured Rain Light is supplied with a 3 position toggle switch and allows the Rain Light to be switched in the OFF position with no LED's illuminated, ON with main Red LED's on with a static red display, or to FLASH with the orange LED's flashing, as a hazard warning display.

Priced Each

  • Multiple Ultra Bright Wide Angle LED Displays
  • Designed to be Mounted in the Horizontal Plane
  • Off, Static Red or Flashing Orange Hazard Mode
  • Waterproof, Lightweight Compact & Rugged Unit
  • Size: 90mm x 57mm, Weight: 153g
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