Whenever you see our MSAR Recommended logo, you can be safe in the knowledge that based on our experience, you're buying a product that we absolutely 'Recommend'! It might be the best in a certain category of products or the best for a specific reason, discipline or vehicle etc. In any and every case, we wholeheartedly 'Recommend' the product to you and stand by the product, the brand and the manufacturer for their products, warranties and services. 

If you see the logo on a product, but you're unsure whether it is right for you, just ask! We try to only offer products that are superb in every way, the addition of our MSAR Recommended icon is not necessarily stating a product is better than others in that category, it just might be that for the intended job or purpose it's 'our choice' and usually a favourite with customers. This will often try to help those who are trying to decide from 25 different gloves for example, which to choose, we'll perhaps recommend a pair for those entering motorsport looking for the best value for money, another pair for the seasoned track racer, maybe a recommendation specifically for rally drivers and perhaps our best glove overall, irrespective of cost or brand, based on the actual glove, it's capabilities, comfort, feel, quality and protection - our favourite!

In every case, wherever you see the logo, you'll be able to read the description and see why we've recommended the product.

If you need further help, just ring us anytime on: 0208 655 7877 or why not book an appointmentr to pop in and pay us a visit, here's a link to Google Maps showing where we are.