Cartek Auxillary Lighting Control Kit

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  • Totally Sealed Against Water and Dirt
  • Highly Compact Power Distribution Unit
  • Safe Electrical Power Without Any Fuses

Cartek have now produced a dedicated 'Lights Module' for kit cars and rally cars that use additional spot lights. The switch panel enables low beam, high beam, and an extra switch to flash the lights. The low and high beam channels both go up to a current rating of 20 Amps each.


  • Fully electronic with no moving parts
  • 4 x 10 Amp Channels
  • Totally sealed against water and dirt
  • Completely resistant to shock and vibration
  • Each channel incorporates over-current protection
  • Channels can be controlled by switch or signal inputs
  • Dual-coloured status LED for each channel
  • Very small and with a weight of just 80g
  • UK manufactured using high quality components

When mounting the Aux Lamp Controller, electrical contact must be made between the vehicle's chassis/earth and the metal case of the Aux Lamp Controller at its mounting points. 12v Power Input is supplied to the Aux Lamp Controller via the M6 electrical stud. Power Output connections are made using 6.3mm spade terminals.

Each channel is turned ON by connecting the corresponding channel signal wire to chassis/earth. Connection can be made using dashboard switches, oil pressure switches, thermo-switches, etc. When a Cartek Switch Panel (push button switches with integrated LED) is used then the LED will display the channel status:

  • No LED = Channel OFF
  • LED on = Channel ON
  • Flashing = ERROR

When short-circuit or over current is detected, the PDM will shut down that channel and the corresponding LED will begin to flash. To reset the error, switch the channel OFF then ON again.

  • Aux lamp controller unit
  • 2m lead with flying tails
  • 1 x switch panel unit
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