Battery Mounting - Battery Boxes & Mounting Brackets

The safe and secure mounting of your racing battery is paramount. If the battery is moved from the engine bay into the cockpit or rear of the vehicle, it must be very securely bolted down to avoid it becoming a projectile in an accident. We have a superb range of boxes and brackets to enable you to achieve this properly, with products from Varley and X-Sport, with more coming soon!

Please contact us if you require any help in selecting the right products for your car, call us on: 0208 655 7877.

If we don't yet have a listing for the bracket you're looking for, e-mail or ring us with your requirements and we'll get the right product listed for your battery online and ready for you to order! If for any reason we can't offer the product you're after, we'll point you in the right direction for what you need!