Varley Red Self Adhesive Battery Foam

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Varley Self Adhesive battery foam. This 10mm closed cell polyethelyne foam is as supplied with all Varley battery brackets. Designed to be placed between the bodyshell or chassis and the battery, which is then clamped in place with the aluminium brackets. The foam isloates the battery from resonance and vibrations that can be damaging and also totally annoying! MSAR are proud to have been appointed an Official Varley dealer and stockist. Please contact us if you need to discuss batteries or fitting options for your vehicle.

Roll Sizes (LxWxD)

  • 850mm x 120mm x 10mm
  • Isolate Your Battery from the Body
  • As Supplied with Every Battery Bracket
  • Roll Dimensions 196mm x 182mm x 91mm
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