Coolshirt Systems - Body Temperature Regulation

Coolshirt offer a wide range of highly specialised products designed to help cool and aid the regulation of body temperature. When taking part in motorsport in enclosed cockpit cars, temperatures become raised due to heat being passed through the bodyshell into the habaticle. The occupants are wearing fireproof clothing, gloves, helmets and balaclavas, so expelling body heat becomes even harder! Couple this with hot days, extended endurance events or desert climates and you start to have major problems! As soon as drivers and co-drivers become too hot, their performance will reduce dramatically, this will lead to poor decisions, lack of concentration and dibilitating fatigue! This is where Coolshirt systems become vital and we can supply the full range of products to equip you professionally.

For help creating your Coolshirt cooling system, with all the right products, tailored to you, please contact us on 0208 655 7877.

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