Coolshirt Rally System

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13 Quart Capacity
19 Quart Capacity
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Coolshirt Rally System, kits available with a 13 quart or 19 quart capacity. These systems provide the advantage of a full system for those applications that have limited installation space and or for shorter race durations. Perfect for road racing, circle track, drags and many other racing types, a favorite among SCCA and PCA drivers!

The compact Coolshirt Rally System keeps you cool and alert so you look and feel at your best when they hand you the trophy! The Coolshirt Rally System is supplied with a 13 quart or 19 quart cooling unit with an internal pump, which supplies cooled water to your Coolshirt through 8ft length, double insulated hoses and 8ft y-hoses, with automatic shut off quick-disconnects.

The optional Temperature Control Switch gives the driver complete control over their comfort while in their race car. Kit includes emergency pull release as standard on all racing products.

Supplied as a Kit

  • 13 and 19 Quart Capacity Systems Available
  • Water Cooling Reservoir, Hose & Pump System
  • Driver and Co-Driver Body Cooling Equipment
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