Tillett B9 Carbon Racing Seat
Tillett B9 Carbon Racing Seat
Tillett B9 Carbon Racing Seat
Tillett B9 Carbon Racing Seat

Tillett B9 Carbon Racing Seat

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Tillett B9 Carbon racing seat with a high gloss gelcoat finish in two widths. These beautiful new super lightweight seats weigh approximately 3.35kg and thatks to their twin moulding construction, they're hugely rigid and strong. The B9 is an update for the original B1 model and it's sculpted shape ensures it doesn't need padding, making them ideal of open cockpit cars if desired.

The B9 offers a true sports car seating position, enabling a weight reduction and lower centre of gravity, sitting you lower in the car. The wider sized seat features rolled outer edges which looks nicer, but the narrower model is trimmed to enable fitment in vehicles with narrower cockpits. The actual internal seating size for the user is identical on both models and suited for users upto around 120kg. The narrow cut B9-43 are best suited for cars with restricted cockpit space, such as the Lotus Elise and Exige models. The body contact area on the B9 is millimetre perfect, with the ergonomic shape giving the ultimate in feel and feedback, essential in a performance seat.

The B9 is a lightweight carbon fibre road or track seat with a beautiful high gloss finish. The B9 model features new uprated side mounting points, as used on Tillett FiA homologated seats, adding to the strength, combined with the use of the new shape allows use of all our 2° bracket sets. This strength and adaptability make the B9 ideal for a cockpit without a bulkhead, benefiting from the additional strength.

The swept away sides of the B9 models allow the use of standard road seat belts or 6 point racing harnesses to be used and the shoulder holes are tall enough to accommodate the use of FHR / HANS devices. The standard seat comes with a Dinamica® suede covered headrest pad, with matching back and cushion panels, with special foam in the base to reduce vibration and shock available in our accessories section. The cushion and back seat panels are recommended if your car is mainly for daily road car use.

Non FIA Approved

Tillett Car Seats
For lightweight sports, race, kit and track day cars. The success of the Tillett seat designed for the Caterham R500 has created a demand for a Tillett car seats, made especially for the Kit and Track Day market. Using all the techniques developed for the manufacture of kart racing seats and the twin skin technology first developed for the Caterham seat, Tillett have made car seats that break new ground in the performance car seat market.

For years, Tillett Racing Seats have been supplying composite car seats to Caterham Cars. Caterham were so impressed with their composite seat quality, that now all Caterham carbon fibre components are made by Tillett.

  • Non FiA Approved
  • Lightweight Twin Moulded Carbon Fibre Construction
  • Ideal Seat for Sports, Track Day and Kit Car Use
  • Supplied Fitted with a Dinamica Suede Headrest
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