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We have a large range of seats for motorsport use, many are FIA Approved for racing and rallying, with steel framed, glassfibre or GRP and composite models including GRP, Kevlar and Carbon Fibre materials in varying formats. Please check your race series and see if FIA Approved seats are required and measure your vehicle cockpits carefully, it will help avoid disappointment when you go to try and fit your new seats!

We're seating experts at MSAR, especially in Tillett seats, but whatever queries you have, call us and we'll help you to make the right choices on 0208 655 7877.

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Recaro Pro Racer SP-G HANS Fibreglass Seat

Recaro Pro Racer SP-G HANS Fibreglass SeatFrom:  £1,511.67

Recaro Profi SP-G Fibreglass Seat

Recaro Profi SP-G Fibreglass SeatFrom:  £720.83

Motamec GP3 Fibreglass Seat

Motamec GP3 Fibreglass Seat£315.83

Motamec GP1 Fibreglass Seat

Motamec GP1 Fibreglass Seat£282.50

Sparco QRT Performance Seat

Sparco QRT Performance Seat£895.00

Sparco QRT-C Carbon Fibre Seat

Sparco QRT-C Carbon Fibre Seat£1,245.83

OMP HTE-R Fibreglass Seat

OMP HTE-R Fibreglass Seat£424.61

OMP HTE 400 Fibreglass Seat

OMP HTE 400 Fibreglass Seat£441.63

OMP RS-PT 2 Fibreglass Seat

OMP RS-PT 2 Fibreglass Seat£352.82

OMP WRC-R Fibreglass Seat

OMP WRC-R Fibreglass Seat£382.06

OMP ARS Fibreglass Seat

OMP ARS Fibreglass Seat£373.55

OMP Champ-R Fibreglass Seat

OMP Champ-R Fibreglass Seat£265.49

OMP First-R Fibreglass Seat

OMP First-R Fibreglass Seat£241.66

OMP TRS-E Steel Framed Seat

OMP TRS-E Steel Framed Seat£161.50

OMP HTE-R Carbon Fibre Seat

OMP HTE-R Carbon Fibre Seat£1,696.72

OMP WRC-R Carbon Fibre Seat

OMP WRC-R Carbon Fibre Seat£1,474.64

Tillett B1 Carbon Fibre Seat

Tillett B1 Carbon Fibre Seat£1,213.00

Tillett B2 Carbon Fibre Seat

Tillett B2 Carbon Fibre Seat£1,213.00

Tillett B3.5 GRP Composite Seat

Tillett B3.5 GRP Composite SeatFrom:  £348.00

Tillett B4 GRP Composite Seat

Tillett B4 GRP Composite SeatFrom:  £559.00

Tillett B5 GRP Composite Seat

Tillett B5 GRP Composite SeatFrom:  £602.00

Tillett B6 Fibreglass Seat

Tillett B6 Fibreglass SeatFrom:  £501.00

Tillett B6 Carbon GRP Seat

Tillett B6 Carbon GRP SeatFrom:  £573.00

Tillett B6 Screamer Seats

Tillett B6 Screamer SeatsFrom:  £658.00

Tillett B7 Carbon Fibre Seat

Tillett B7 Carbon Fibre Seat£1,998.00

Tillett W1 Composite Seat

Tillett W1 Composite SeatFrom:  £235.00

Tillett W2 Composite Seat

Tillett W2 Composite SeatFrom:  £254.00

Tillett W3 Composite Seat

Tillett W3 Composite SeatFrom:  £254.00

Cobra Sebring Pro Ultralite Carbon Seat

Cobra Sebring Pro Ultralite Carbon SeatFrom:  £1,799.00

Cobra Sebring PRO-FIT Fibreglass Seat

Cobra Sebring PRO-FIT Fibreglass SeatFrom:  £476.00

Cobra Evolution PRO-FIT Fibreglass Seat

Cobra Evolution PRO-FIT Fibreglass SeatFrom:  £442.00

Cobra Imola PRO-FIT Fibreglass Seat

Cobra Imola PRO-FIT Fibreglass SeatFrom:  £350.00

Cobra Monaco Pro Steel Framed Seat

Cobra Monaco Pro Steel Framed SeatFrom:  £175.00

Cobra Aqua 4x4 Fibreglass Vinyl Seat

Cobra Aqua 4x4 Fibreglass Vinyl SeatFrom:  £399.00


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